Property Management

    Commercial Property Management

    Topa Management Company was formed in 1971 to manage a portfolio of its own properties and in 1981 began to offer its property management services to other owners.

    Topa is an owner in addition to a property manager and understands the importance of property management. Topa treats every property individually with the extra attention that an owner would provide.

    Topa Management Company offers a full line of services to the client covering the life cycle of a property from evaluation through acquisition, renovation, financing, operation and disposition.

    Topa Management Company seeks to understand the property owner's objective and establish a management plan to attain the balance between cash flow and asset appreciation which will meet the established objective.

    Once Topa has been given a property management assignment, we supervise the on-site personnel and/or vendors. Our staff will perform property inspections to assess the property condition and if appropriate, make recommendations to improve the condition, reliability or efficiency of property components and systems. We believe that a high standard of maintenance and preventive maintenance enhances the long-term value of the property.

    Our property management / accounting software allows us to provide clients with real-time, up-to-date reports on vacancy, lease expiration, rent roll, rent increases, delinquency, receivables, payables, budgeting, balance sheet income, expenses and budget comparison to actual. We deliver accurate, timely reports so our clients are always informed.

    Topa Management Company's real estate portfolio includes high and low rise office buildings, shopping centers, industrial and mixed-use projects throughout California and Hawaii.

    If you are planning to purchase commercial property let Topa put our property management expertise to work for you. Topa Management Company's knowledgeable senior staff has earned its reputation for integrity which ensures that your income property could not be in better hands.

    For more information about Topa's Commercial Management Services, please contact us at (310) 203-9199.

    Services and Capabilities

    Topa Management Company's services are tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

    • Commercial, Retail, Office and Industrial property management
    • Renovations, rehabilitations, and related services
    • Preventative Maintenance Program
    • Obtain competitive bids for contracts and special projects
    • Lease Administration
    • Tenant Care and Retention Programs
    • Management services by our experienced on-site personnel
    • Training and supervision of your existing employees
    • Weekly site visits by Property Supervisor
    • Payroll services including payroll taxes, workers compensation and employee insurance benefits
    • Approve and pay property invoices, taxes and mortgage payments
    • Monthly financial reporting including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Rent Roll, Lease Summary, Bank Reconciliation, and Tenant Receivables aging schedule
    • Balance Variance Analysis and Reporting
    • Marketing and Leasing vacant space, as well as renewal of existing tenants
    • Assist in obtaining financing and managing the process
    • Leasing offices: Century City, Oxnard, Honolulu

    Portfolio Management

    Topa Management Company provides resource planning and portfolio management for clients throughout California and Hawaii. Topa utilizes its highly skilled and experienced staff of professionals to determine the property owner's objective and establish a management plan to attain the balance between cash flow and asset appreciation to meet the established objective. Staff knowledge and experience promotes timely and informed decisions in the administration, leasing and management of your real estate investment.

    Topa Management Company couples the efforts of its corporate Leasing professionals with industry contacts to reach the right tenants for the clients' investment property. Leasing, database administration, payroll and accounting services are services provided by Topa with its state-of-the-art technologies that provide owners with real-time, easy to understand and accurate reporting.

    Topa Management Company works to achieve balance of the parameters which define successful real estate investment management. Topa has provided supervision over special projects including:

    • Fire Life Safety Retrofit
    • Hazardous material abatement for both applied material and in the ground
    • Tenant Improvements
    • Core and Shell construction
    • Energy conservation
    • Re-roofing
    • Moisture intrusion problems
    • Restoration following fire sprinkler water flow
    • Demolition
    • HVAC upgrade
    • Re-paving
    • Topa has arranged and managed the process for financing in excess of $325 Million in loans for our clients.